Washers Mixed Pack - 291pcs - Zinc

Washers Mixed Pack - 291pcs - Zinc

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A wide selection of zinc plated and clear passivated steel washers. Three types of washer to suit a wide range of applications.


Form A Washers:

M4 (Qty 40)
M6 (Qty 40)
M8 (Qty 20)
M10 (Qty 30)
M12 (Qty 15)
M14 (Qty 10)
M16 (Qty 8)

Penny/Repair Washers:

M6 x 25mm (Qty 15)
M8 x 25mm (Qty 20)
M8 x 40mm (Qty 4)
M10 x 25mm (Qty 20)
M10 x 40mm (Qty 4)

Spring Washers:

M6 (Qty 20)
M8 (Qty 20)
M10 (Qty 25)