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Timco Classic Multi-Purpose Screws - Stainless Steel - 895pcs Mixed Pack

Timco Classic Multi-Purpose Screws - Stainless Steel - 895pcs Mixed Pack

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All the features and superior performance of the Classic Multi-Purpose Screw manufactured from A2 Stainless Steel. Ideal where ultimate corrosion resistance is required when fixing to softwoods, hardwood (pre-drilled), chipboard, MDF and plastic. Stainless steel must be used where there is corrosive environment and/or the base material has inherent corrosive characteristics e.g. Green Oak.

• Double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists completion of countersinking

• 40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance

• Single slash on 25mm+ to reduce torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when the screw is inserted close to the edge

• All sizes up to and including 75mm are fully threaded and lengths 80mm and above all have 70mm thread length


3.5 x 16mm (Qty 200)
3.5 x 25mm (Qty 100)
3.5 x 30mm (Qty 100)
4.0 x 20mm (Qty 100)
4.0 x 25mm (Qty 60)
4.0 x 30mm (Qty 50)
4.0 x 40mm (Qty 70)
4.0 x 50mm (Qty 60)
4.0 x 60mm (Qty 50)
5.0 x 40mm (Qty 30)
5.0 x 50mm (Qty 40)
5.0 x 60mm (Qty 35)

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