Plastic Eco Paving Grid 500mm

Plastic Eco Paving Grid 500mm

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Our Plastic Eco Paving Grid 500mm is a quick way to pave your outdoor space. This 500mm square grid is designed for reinforcement of grass, paving stones, and more. Made of black plastic, it is durable, long-lasting and extremely strong.

All of the ECODRIVE500 range are heavy-duty ground stability grids, suitable for industrial and commercial use too. Our eco gravel grids are made from durable injection moulding grade plastic, and they all comply with the FLOOD management act 2010 & indeed the S.U.D.S (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) regulations, making them an eco-friendly solution for creating permeable driveways and parking areas.


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Height: 40mm

Rib wall thickness: 3.5mm

Cell gaps: 68x68mm squares

Load capacity: up to 500 tonnes/m2

4 squares required per square metre