Tildagrid Grass Reinforcement Mesh (2m x 30m) 650GSM

Tildagrid Grass Reinforcement Mesh (2m x 30m) 650GSM

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Tildagrid grass reinforcement mesh is ideal to protect grass from pedestrians and very occasional, domestic, vehicular use. This is a permanent or temporary grass reinforcement solution, to prevent grass areas from rutting and becoming muddy when used. The mesh becomes invisible as the grass grows through, giving a natural appearance and providing a protective layer, helping spread the weigh and creating a stronger base. Green. 650gsm

• Pedestrian walkways
• Anti ball plugging mesh
• Support mesh under rubber mats
• Wheelchair access routes
• Preventing animals from digging up lawns
• Slope stabilisation
• Domestic applications, such as lawn reinforcement

• Rot resistant and UV stabilised for longer life
• Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE
• SuDS compliant
• Grass grows through and intertwines with the mesh to create a strong surface
• Roll out and pin with steel Upins every 1m2
• Ideal to permanently reinforce a grassed area
• Fast and simply to install
• Cost effective & versatile
• Prevents grass wear & rutting

NOTE: The ground should be reasonably firm with good drainage. The grass must be allowed to grow through the mesh before using.