Everbuild Opti-Mix Integral Waterproof - 1 Litre

Everbuild Opti-Mix Integral Waterproof - 1 Litre

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Everbuild integral waterproofer is a highly concentrated waterproofing & plasticising admixture for sand cement that's ten times the strength of conventional products.


Provides long term protection from water damage to mortar, concrete, renders and screeds by reducing water permeability.

Suitable for all applications where resistance to water damage is necessary, such as pool and tank linings, roof areas, external rendering pointing & structures below ground level.

Everbuild integral water proofer also contains air entraining and plasticising agents & will not deaden the mix.


Concentrated formula 1 Litre = 10 Litres of standard waterproofer.

Easy to use gauged bottle.

Improves water resistance of mortars.

Added plasticising agent improves workability and provides resistance to freeze thaw cycling.

Reduces bleeding.

Areas For Use:

Pool and tank linings

External renders.

External pointing.

Structures below ground level.


Do not use in structural concrete.

Not intended as a DPC replacement, will not withstand permanent hydrostatic pressure.

Do not overdose or overmix.

Never add directly to the mix.


Shake bottle well before use, squeeze the sides of the bottle to fill the measuring cup to the required dose 25-45ml per 25kg of cement.

Add Opti mix Integral Water proofer to a bucket of water mix well use up to a maximum 10 litres of water.

Dry mix all other ingredients and add sufficient quantities of water and Optimix Integral Water proofer solution until the desired consistency is achieved.

Never add this product directly to the dry mix, always let down into a portion of gauging water.