Corrapol Rock 'n' Lock Gable Flashing

Corrapol Rock 'n' Lock Gable Flashing

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The new Corrapol Rock 'n' Lock Side Flashing is part of the Corrapol range, meaning you can now simply Rock 'n' Lock the aluminium side flashing on to the side of the Corrapol Corrugated sheets.

Avalaible in 2000mm, 3000mm and 6000mm Lengths, and in Mill & White.

The Rock 'n' Lock Side Flashing is manufactured from extruded aluminium to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to any corrugated project, but also ensures longevity, due to its weatherproof and corrosion free properties.

Simply Rock 'n' Lock the side flashing onto the end corrugation of Corrapol Sheets to secure allowing for incredibly fast and easy installation.

Clear Amber's worlds first design allows DIY and Trade users alike to quickly and easily create a robust, long-lasting side flashing to the gable end of any Corrapol roof with the simple Rock 'n' Lock system.

The complete Corrapol Range has been manufactured to the same profile and therefore is compatible with one another (With the Exclusion of Corrapol Stormproof Low Profile).

The Corrapol Rock 'n' Lock Side Flashing is compatible with Corrapol PVC, Corrapol Stormproof (High Profile) & Corrapol GRP Sheets.

  • Garden Sheds
  • Garages
  • Stables
  • Agricultural Buildings