Concentrated Exterior Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 1L

Concentrated Exterior Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 1L

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A multi-purpose cleaning product for removing dirt, algae, mould, fungi and general grime build up from a variety of external surfaces such as PVCu, hard plastics, glass, rubber, metal and more.

The pH neutral and biodegradable formula contains carnauba wax to leave surfaces looking clean and shiny.

Ideal for cleaning conservatories, greenhouses, windows, roof lights, flat roofs and more.

• Anti-static agent to reduce dirt and grime build up
• No streaking and spotting
• pH neutral to protect delicate plastics and rubbers
• Also suitable for interior cleaning tasks
• Easy to use 40 dose dispensing bottle
• Built in water softener
• Safe & easy to use as a concentrate
• One 25ml dose dilutes to 10L of water