15mm Pipe Insulation Foam - Climaflex - 1m Lengths

15mm Pipe Insulation Foam - Climaflex - 1m Lengths

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Closed-cell Polyethylene Pipe Insulation for heating and plumbing. Professional grade insulation. Because of its low thermal conductivity, CLIMAFLEX® CE reduces the loss of heat from distributors in plumbing and heating installations by up to 80%.

This maximizes not only the cost efficiency, but also the ecological efficiency of the entire unit. CLIMAFLEX® CE provides solutions that follow all necessary guidelines for any type of installation.
CLIMAFLEX® CE is a foam product with sound absorbing properties, reducing pop and flow noises in pipes. Polyethylene foam is a cost-efficient material with outstanding insulating properties. Products made of PE foam yield an excellent cost/performance ratio.



  • 1 Metre lengths
  • to fit 15mm pipes
  • Thermal conductivity (EN ISO 8497)
  • 0,036 W / mK at 0 °c
  • 0,040 W / mK at 40 °c
  • 0,053 W / mK at 90 °c
  • Fire performance: Euroclass E (EN 13501-1)
  • Temperature range: 0 °c to +100 °c (EN14707)
  • Declaration of performance: W20PEF100