Meet our team

Bob: Founder

Derived from a love for buying & selling items on eBay, along with an empty garage, Just The Job Supplies was created. Bob carries the same desire that he had on day one (if not the same amount of hair) & continues to strive for perfection.

Question from JTJ: If not here, where would you work?
A: American Golf.

Question from JTJ: How old were you when you sold your first eBay item?
A: 15 years old.

Ryan: Sales Manager

Ryan left a career in advertising sales to join Bob (his brother) on the journey in 2019 – no regrets so far! Loves getting stuck into it in the warehouse or sitting in the office with a nice brew speaking to new & existing customers.

 Question from JTJ: Who's better at golf - you or Bob?

A: Depends what day it is

Question from JTJ: How long have you had a ginger beard?
A: I haven't - it's just a bad picture!

Ben: Warehouse Operative

Ben joined JTJ in July 2021 and immediately found the therapeutic side to packaging insulation orders. Ben has a keen interest in snorkelling and cricket. He is also the only sober team member (Val included).

Question from JTJ: Favourite hobby and why?
A: Gaming. There are endless possibilities.

Question from JTJ: What is your favourite quote?
A: "You didn't get this far by giving up, did you?"

Ed: Warehouse Operative

Ed is the polar opposite of Ben in many ways, namely for a love of alcohol and coffee. He also says he likes to cook. However, we are yet to see any evidence of this...

Question from JTJ: What is your greatest strength?
A: Not needing a step ladder... Unlike some people.

Question from JTJ: At what point did you feel a part of the JTJ team?
A: When I was given my own Royal Mail dispatch nail.

Valerie: Head of HR

Life of the party. Does not like visitors, at all.
Question from JTJ: Who is your favourite member of staff?
A: James.

Question from JTJ: Favourite part of the day?
A: Biscuit time, obviously!